Cancer Treatment – Americans Have Handed Over Billions Of Dollars And There Is No Cure In Sight

Cancer can be the source of more deaths in the year 2011 than every other ailment within the world. For all of the activists who have raised money and cognizance thru marches, and diverse fundraisers, and those people who have replied with accelerated billions of bucks thrown on the pharmaceutical businesses and the FDA in hopes of locating a cure, the unhappy truth is that all of our effort has failed. There remains no cure and there’s no therapy at the horizon.

It must be clear that the billions of bucks we have passed over to the cancer enterprise has left us with out so much as a glimmer of desire for a option to this dread ailment. Families have been bankrupted, cancer sufferers emaciated, and the loss of life rate remains one apiece. No count number how much money we funnel in the route of pharmaceutical organizations and the authorities groups who are on their dole, we still keep to die at an alarming rate from this horrible disorder.

The bottom line is that when you have been identified with cancer and if you pick traditional remedy (chemotherapy) as your hope for life, you’re going to die. You are going to die and chemotherapy will not therapy you. It will obliterate your immune machine, it’s going to weaken you to the point of death, you’ll lose your hair, your pleasure, and your will to live, and for the rest of the degraded moments you have got left on planet earth you’ll appear to all the international as little more than the strolling lifeless. This might be your plight for the rest of a while on the earth and it matters little or no whether or not you’ve got spent your life financial savings and bankrupted your own family and family; you’re going to die! It is of without a doubt no result which you have made another physician rich, and helped fund a lavish excursion for any other high dollar pharmaceutical govt; you will die! This two hundred billion dollar a 12 months commercial enterprise has now not come near finding something that even remotely resembles a therapy and every other hundred billion dollars will net the identical result. You are going to die!

Our lifestyle is enmeshed in what can simplest be classed as the “Cancer Dark Ages.” A profit pushed industry has handcuffed an entire society and is spoon feeding chemical loss of life to residents who’ve been brainwashed into believing that they have no different preference but to go through and then attempt to survive the remedy. Do no longer be deceived, chemotherapy is virtually brutal and there are only a exceedingly small number of sufferers who have certainly survived the “remedy” and are alive to talk about it. Not many years within the future a extra superior tradition will look returned in this time and scratch their heads and wonder what within the heck we had been questioning.

You Have An Alternative

Natural health and recovery believes that no ailment is incurable provided that it has now not improved too a long way, and that while you supply the right vitamins for the body via a healthy diet, and on the same time put off dangerous chemical compounds and substances (cleansing) your awesome human body will heal itself on every occasion. The fulfillment rate of recuperation even overdue stage cancer while natural holistic health practices are applied to their complete is nothing brief of fantastic.

Calling this technique an alternative is truely quite misleading and does now not do justice to this holistic manner of recuperation. Natural fitness and holistic recovery have been practiced with incredible success for lots of years. Modern medication with it is artificial chemicals (poisons) that try to mimic flowers, and it is immune machine debilitating remedies has most effective been round a fairly few years. Mainstream medication should therefore be deemed “alternative” and it have to be stated that this “opportunity” has an almost 0 success rate in relation to the remedy of cancer as an example.

It is my earnest prayer which you expensive reader end up knowledgeable about disorder and conventional medicinal drug’s method to restoration. After thoroughly considering the difficulty I hope you may make the common feel approach to health and youthful vitality by way of adopting a way of life that emphasises a healthy plant based totally food regimen, regular workout, plenty of pure water, and a important connection to the God of the Universe. These simple lifestyles changes are very inexpensive, and that they provide a feel of nicely being, physical health, and spiritual peace, whilst saving you and your circle of relatives a truckload of money on physician bills. Natural fitness practices will permit you to live out your days in optimum fitness after which die peacefully at a ripe vintage age.

I am enthusiastic about fitness troubles, and the state of the health of our terrific America. I believe the American weight-reduction plan is literally killing us and that a steady glide of cash and perks from the beef, egg, and dairy industries to the U.S. Authorities is the motive we’ve got had a protracted sustained brainwashing marketing campaign that has brought on the shift from a predominantly plant-primarily based food regimen to an animal-based totally eating regimen. The result has been an unheard of boom in coronary heart ailment, diabetes, stroke, and cancers of all varieties. I agree with Americans are stricken by a lack of sincere records concerning our diets. I enjoy writing motivational articles with a view to assist to accurate the problem concerning this lack of records and additionally take a look at the triumphing misinformation within the light of fact.

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