Common Foot Problems That Arise Because of Trauma, Heredity, Wearing Bad Shoes

Are you glad along with your toes or are they causing issues while walking or even status? There are 26 bones, 33 joints and 42 muscle groups in the human ft. All the components together preserve us transferring from one place to any other without any trouble. Issues in our foot rise up because of many reasons – hereditary troubles, diabetes, accidents, injuries, tight-fitting footwear, and many others. Let us go through some of the maximum common foot issues – their causes and what you could do to keep away from them.


you will be afflicted by hammertoes if the ligaments of your toe get shortened and all feet besides the huge toe bend from the middle of the toe joint. This disorder arises particularly due to continuously carrying sick-outfitted shoes. Your ft are not able to relaxation well because of little or no space in a decent outfitted shoe leading to this problem. Hammertoes motive chronic ache and you may need a surgical treatment to repair the problem.


you may suffer from inflammation or bunion when your huge toe develops a lump at the base and lean sideways to the second toe. Frequently a hereditary disease, bunions run in households for generations. The joint of your big toe gets larger and swollen. Other reasons of bunions are arthritis, congenital deformities, or trauma. If you word bunions in one in all your foot, you have to consult a podiatrist to locate the cause for its improvement. In lots of cases, the purpose is wearing footwear that are slender in the the front (ft). You need to stop carrying narrowly pointed footwear to prevent incidence of ache. You would possibly have to undergo surgical treatment if you have an exceedingly painful bunion.

Corns and Calluses

in case your toes are continuously rubbing in opposition to your shoes, possibilities are you’ll broaden corns or calluses very soon! Causes of these issues are urgent the bony elements of your feet against your shoes. Tight-geared up shoes are the principle culprits, as they cause friction while on foot, jogging, leaping or even status for a prolonged period. Don’t take any medicines to save you painful corns and calluses or reduce or take away them. You have to seek advice from a podiatrist who will give your right steerage to get rid of ache. Your health practitioner might let you know to put on footwear that fit better or can also ask you to use unique pads to remedy the trouble. In severe instances, docs endorse a surgery.

Bacterial Infections

you’ll be afflicted by athlete’s foot in case you don’t take right care of your ft and allow them to live in warm, darkish environment for maximum of the time. As an example, wearing tight-outfitted shoes or socks does now not give your feet enough airy contacts leading to formation of micro organism or fungus to grow between the ft or on the lowest of your foot. You are stricken by athlete’s foot in case you be aware white, scaly rashes among your feet and additionally redness inside the backside of your foot. This kind of circumstance causes itching, burning sensation and inflammation. You ought to start sporting secure footwear to maintain your ft are available in biggest contact with clean air. You need to additionally exchange your socks often seeing that sweaty socks cause this trouble. You have to speak in your doctor to use an antifungal lotions or spray to get alleviation from athlete’s foot.

Dry pores and skin

We commonly take care of our face, neck, and palms however forget to take care of our feet. In case you do not practice moisturizer cream for your toes every day as a minimum before going to bed at night time, chances are you will increase dry pores and skin for your foot a good way to result in itching and flush. Follow cream or lotion after cleaning your toes with a slight soap.

Ingrown Toenails

You must cut your nails well, as failing to accomplish that will cause ingrown nails, a scenario when the nail of your ft will start developing in in preference to out. It’s going to purpose ache and fungus infection over time.


when calcium deposits in your foot, you’ve got spurs. Status for long time in tight-geared up shoes reasons spurs. Additionally, overweight develops this sickness because of placing excess pressure on the foot muscle mass.

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